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Supply Chain View has been collecting free resources from the web, for Supply Chain Management, Lean and Six Sigma.

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Recommended Reading

With the help of some colleagues I have compiled a list of recommended books for those interested in all things Supply Chain. I will be adding to these as time goes by, and I will link in any reviews. I realise even as I type this that there are a lot more books on my shelf that should be on the list.

If anyone has any further suggestions I would be happy to hear from your (simply leave a comment using the form at the bottom of the page).

You might also like to check out John Bicheno’s Top 100 Lean Books which is a pdf you can download from the LERC website. Not all the books listed major on Lean, and some have no specific Lean content at all. John has given a star rating to each, and a few words on the content.

General Supply Chain and Logistics

  • Logistics and Supply Chain Management: Creating Value – Adding Networks, Martin Christopher, Financial Times Prentice Hall (16 Dec 2004), ISBN: 0273681761
  • Basic Business Logistics: Transportation, Materials Management, Physical Distribution, Ronald H. Ballou, Pearson US Imports & PHIPEs (Jun 1987), ISBN: 0130582980
  • The Handbook of Logistics and Distribution Management, Alan Rushton, John Oxley, Phil Croucher Publisher: Kogan Page Ltd (20 Oct 2000), ISBN: 0749433655
  • Gower Handbook of Supply Chain Management, John Gattorna (Editor), Gower Publishing Limited (Sep 2005), ISBN: 056608581X
  • Living Supply Chains: How to Mobilize the Enterprise Around Delivering What Your Customers Want, John Gattorna, Financial Times Prentice Hall (18 May 2006), ISBN: 0273706144
  • Supply Chain Science, Wallace Hopp, self-published online (2003) – available as pdf for free download – this has now been published by McGraw-Hill (Nov 2007), ISBN: 0073403326

Theory of Constraints

  • The Goal: A Process of Ongoing Improvement, Eliyahu M. Goldratt and Jeff Cox, Gower Publishing Limited (17 Nov 2004), ISBN: 0566086654
  • Necessary But Not Sufficient: A Theory of Constraints Business Novel, Eliyahu M. Goldratt, Eli Schragenheim, Carol A. Ptak, North River Press (Oct 2000), ISBN: 0884271706

Customer Service, Competitive Space

  • The Discipline of Market Leaders: Choose Your Customers, Narrow Your Focus, Dominate Your Market, Michael Treacy, Fred Wiersema, Perseus Books (18 Feb 1997), ISBN: 0201407191


  • Competitive Manufacturing, Hal Mather, St Lucie Press (19 Nov 1998), ISBN: 0849305640
  • Factory Physics: Foundations of Manufacturing Management (2nd edition), Wallace Hopp, Mark Spearman, Irwin McGraw-Hill (2001), ISBN: 0256247951

Inventory Management

  • Inventory Control and Management, D. Waters, John Wiley and Sons Ltd (9 Sep 2003), ISBN: 0470858761


  • Journey to Lean: Making Operational Change Stick, John Drew, Blair McCallum, Stefan Roggenhoferm, Palgrave Macmillan (24 Mar 2004), ISBN: 1403913072
  • Staple Yourself to an Order, Benson P. Shapiro, V. Kasturi Rangan, and John J. Sviokla, Harvard Business Review July-August 1992

Six Sigma

  • Six Sigma: The Breakthrough Management Strategy Revolutionizing the World’s Top Corporations, Mikel Harry and Richard Schroeder
  • On Route to Perfection – A Guide to Achieving Six Sigma, Graham Wilson


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